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Australian Swimwear brand | KALOEA Bikinis


KALOEA is an Australian swimwear brand inspired by the beautiful and preserved surfing lifestyle of the Pacific Islands.

We offer a unique range of cheeky cut bikinis to all the active girls out there who like to surf or simply enjoy the ocean in comfortable bikinis.

Beyond its consonance that beautifully evokes the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, Ka Loea also means “the Skill, the Cleverness, the Ingenuity” in Hawaiian. We at Kaloea take great importance in Ocean Conservation and need  skilled, clever and ingenious 
people to help us highlight the necessity of protecting ocean habitats and marine wildlife so this amazing lifestyle can live on.

KALOEA was established in 2013 to simply spread Good Vibes around the world.

Embrace our GOOD VIBES ONLY philosophy and share the Stoke YEW!